HiKC employs some of the best local photographers and designers to elevate your projects to the next level.

Photography courtesy of our staff members at HiKC.




From wallets to posters, we have print solutions for all your memories in many finishes and sizes.

Our method is a traditional wet process for prints sized 4"x6" to 8"x12" that yields a superior quality of print.



We have extensive experience digitally cleaning and restoring photographs.

We know how important some photographs can be, so we scan in your original prints to digitally clean any blemishes or tears they may have.



If you want your event to be an unforgettable experience, HiKC will deliver. Let us help you commemorate your special moments with photograph & frame packages for tournaments, celebrations, milestones, and more.

Have complete control of how your images look and feel.


We have state of the art and user friendly photo editing computers on site at your disposal so that you can enhance your photos before developing. Our expert staff members are always ready to help with any photographic project.



Preserve your memories for future generations.


Life has a lot of special moments and we are always finding ways to revisit them. Our desire to remember good times has never changed, but how we capture them has. At HiKC we can digitally archive film negatives, slides, movie reels, VHS and old print photographs to protect them from the wear and tear of time.



Elevate your experience.


Got an event coming up? We offer on site services like photography and drone video to cover your next big occasion. We've shot parades, tournaments, corporate parties, and more. If you're into photography yourself, we offer in house one on one classes to get you started using your camera and Photoshop.


1-on-1 Classes / Camera Repairs / Workshops / Event Photography / Drone

Handcrafted, unique ideas to show them you care.


We've partnered up with Fezziwigs to offer you one-of-a-kind clocks, games, and custom frames for every personality in your family! Don't see what you're looking for? They are always up for collaboration!