HiKC on the Polaroid Emulsion Lift

With the resurgence of Polaroid Instant Prints, we've been running across video after video on the "emulsion lift" process. Essentially, one can remove the printed image from the Polaroid casing and transfer it to multimedia paper to create a new and interesting piece of art! We decided to give it a go and share our tips and insight on the process!


1. Make sure to cut close enough around the image to ensure it will lift off of its other layers for the transfer.

2. Using too much water can cause the image to be very free floating and difficult to hold on to and place.

3. Use of cold vs. warm water is not a hindrance either way.

4. Let the image soak for a while, do not force the image off the back plate or it will rip.

5. Get two corners of one edge straightened out, hold those corners to the paper you wish yo transfer to and bring the paper up from the water in a way that the other corners of the image can fan out.

6. Don't let it stress you out, have fun with it!