Family Foto Friday - Geneology

Why do we like to look at our family pictures? I think it’s not only fun to remember the things we celebrate, all of those seemingly little moments of our lives, but also to relive those vacations. I also enjoy remembering the loved ones I’ve lost over the years and try to get to know those I never knew or barely remember from my childhood.   

Several years ago, I started looking into my family history and doing some genealogy research.   I love having the pictures of my ancestors as I research and track their immigration to the United States. One side of my family came over from Ireland in 1838 and another from Sweden in 1868. One side of my husband’s family came over from Germany in 1886. I would like to talk about my Irish and Swedish family in the future, but for now I want to talk about my German great grandparents.

In this picture, my great grandfather, Alexander, is standing with four of his children. My guess is that the photo was taken in late 1915 or early 1916 because he eventually had eleven children that would live to adulthood. My grandmother would have been number six out of the eleven and wouldn’t have been born when this picture was taken. My great grandparents and their oldest child, Peter (dark suit standing in the back) immigrated from Russia in 1912. They were German Colonists living in the Volga River area of Russia; a culture of people now known as the Volga Germans. My great grandfather died before I was born, but my great grandmother lived into her mid 80’s and I have vague memories of her. I remember her very thick accent and the Christmas parties where she would sit in her rocking chair to watch over all the festivities. 

I am very thankful for the few memories and pictures I do have, but what I don’t have are the stories and the memories of those who are in the pictures. That’s why it’s my mission to help others protect and preserve their memories and to tell the stories of the pictures they hold dear; leaving a legacy for future generations.


Lori Krause

Lori Krause is a Photo Organizer and Photo Life Manager.  As a photo life manager, she treats your photos and your memories as if they were her own.  She provides personalized, local service to organize and preserve photos.  Then works with her clients to tell the stories behind the photos