Family Foto Friday - Kamp Krause

Beyond vacations, summers also bring a variety of camps and family reunions.  The Krause family manages to combine all of the above into Kamp Krause. 

My in laws have 11 grandchildren who live all over the country.  For a few years my kids were the only two that lived in town.  They were eventually joined by three more cousins who now call Kansas City their home. 

Kamp Krause was a time not only for my in laws to be grandparents, but also a time when the cousins could all get together. This was sometimes the only time they would see each other that year. "Kamp" is one week during the summer where the all the grandkids would come to town. It was a vacation for some of the kids as they were traveling here to KC.  They went Deanna Rose, the Kansas City Zoo, bowling, laser tag, and as they got older they even went to Worlds of Fun.  The ‘camp’ part of Kamp Krause was the swimming, go-cart riding, cousin softball, cooking lessons, backyard camping,  AND a fan favorite, the water balloon launcher!  It was as popular this year as it was when it was first introduced in 2010. 

Then there is the family reunion part of Kamp Krause.  As I said above, depending on the year, that week may be the only time some of the cousins would see each other for that year. Plus, there were times when extended family would also come for a visit.  Great grandmas, Great Aunts and Uncles, second cousins and friends who were just like family. 

The ‘kids’ now range in age from 17 – 30 and it’s harder to coordinate schedules to get everyone together for a full week, but memories were made and have been preserved for years to come.